The Kavanaugh vote to be delayed to have FBI Investigate.

Correction: The Judiciary Committee did not vote yet…They will vote Saturday to continue with the nomination of Kavanaugh. After they vote…((Voting to have a full Senate Vote on Kavanaugh or not)), they will delay a week so The FBI can do a proper investigation and report back to senate. Their findings can sway the vote For or Against Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh nor some Senate members wanted an investigation. Why??? If you’ve done nothing wrong. 🤷🏾‍♂️


Dr. Umar Johnson Visited Studio 5 Ten


This was a very Epic Day. I honestly didn’t know too much about Dr. Umar Johnson until the day I met him. When he began to speak….((Wait….Let me go back)) I was floored by just how many women came out to hear him speak. Regardless to the topic being about themselves and how they need to improve. That meant to me that he was very respected and admired. Now…Like I was saying…when he began to speak..I could peep how engaged everyone was. There was even a Caucasian male there as well. ((Smiles)) ….But as you can see…Seminars fit my place very well. 954.993.1456

Jimmy Baldwin